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The Money Store Funding Advantage

We’ve had the privilege of serving the business community with an expansive variety of loan solutions. It is truly our passion to provide businesses with solutions that allow them to succeed in their particular field of industry. We understand that the success and growth of your business is dependent on capital investment. We take great pride in providing you with a capital infusion; while maintaining exceptional customer service and a simple and speedy delivery. A satisfied customer is our ultimate goal.

We specialize in lending to businesses that may have fallen on hard times or who simply have yet to build an extensive history that is required of traditional financial institutions. Don’t let bad credit, no credit, or lack of collateral stop you from working with us. We’d love to speak with you in order to find possible loan solutions that would best meet your business’ unique needs.


Flexibility is often times overlooked in life and in business, to our detriment as we struggle in an ever expanding and increasingly competitive marketplace. At Advance Funds Network we understand the need for flexible terms. We understand that bad credit shouldn’t disqualify you from obtaining funds that are needed to operate or expand your business. We realize no one knows what your business needs more than you.

Not only is flexibility important in regards to the terms and approval, but it is also a vital component of the loan itself. The funding is must faster than the average loan. When you receive your lump sum of cash there is no stipulations for spending your funds. Various uses for funds acquired can include: improving cash flow, paying debts, of taking advantage of unexpected business opportunities. However, we offer you complete freedom to use the funds at your discretion. So, you can clearly see there is unparalleled flexibility in regards to using your funds and paying these funds back.

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Minimum Requirements

• At least 6 months in business.
• Approximately $10,000 or more in sales per month.
• Have a business checking account.

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